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Development and category of jeans buttons


Jeans-buttons (also known as I-buttons) are mostly used for denim clothing, and in recent years, they are also used for casual wear.

The traditional I-shaped button is made of brass material. Due to the fierce competition, the fashion has begun to diversify in recent years, and its materials have also changed. The most used alloy die-casting button surface, which extends the grinding, Professional knowledge such as polishing.

1. According to the style, I-shaped buttons are mainly divided into:

Normal I-button with nylon insert - screw nails / arrow nails

Eye hole I-button - double section nail

Double pins I- button - double pins nails

Shake shank I- button - long arrow nails

2.According to the material, I-shaped buttons can be divided into:

Brass-surfaced I-shaped buttons

Alloy surfaced I-shaped buttons.

Stainless steel material I-shaped buttons.

3.I-shaped buttons with copper surface and alloy surface are commonly used jeans buttons, because copper surface stamping and alloy die-casting can make various I-shaped button styles with different styles and industries, which are more suitable for the needs of clothing production.

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