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What are the differences between resin buttons and plastic buttons?


1. Differences in appearance
Resin button and plastic button distinguish: processing method is different, the finished product effect is different: resin button surface smooth, thick appearance, relatively widely used; And plastic buttons due to the progress of the mold process modeling can be kaleidoscope, relative to resin buttons can be electroplated, can also be dyed, and plastic buttons are only partial white to dye color.

2. Different processing methods
The difference between resin buttons and plastic buttons is the difference between processing methods, rather than resin and plastic itself. Resin button is liquid material through a special tube cavity heating, cooling, curing, cutting and so on process forming, or by coating liquid resin on the surface of the cylinder after curing stamping, and then into the follow-up processing; Plastic buttons are made of solid material, mostly resin particles, through injection molding machines and molds.

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