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What are the characteristics of metal buttons?


Characteristics of metal buttons, metal buttons are made of metal material, and the styles of metal buttons can be divided into metal four-button, high-grade four-button, I-button, cowboy button, bump nail, corner nail, corns, air eyes, suture button and so on. The shape design of metal buttons is different from the pure art design such as sculpture, sculpture, painting, etc., it contains the shape, pattern, color, material, practicality, durability, mass industrial production and manufacturability. Among many kinds of buttons, metal buttons are widely used. Its variety of color, can be used in a variety of clothing, accessories and outer packaging decoration. 

With people's pursuit of fashion and material culture, buttons are used for decoration more and more widely. This form of change, to promote the type of buttons and material has also taken place a big change, a variety of varieties, always dazzling. In our common color varieties, according to the shape of round, square, diamond, oval, leaf shape, etc.; According to the color of convex flower, concave flower, Mosaic, bag edge, etc.; According to the raw material phase process bakelite, leather, shell, pearlescent, electroplating, metal, and no stitching, no thread, no buttonhole button; There are also some plates made of natural cloth plate flower, can be carefully made a variety of shapes, artistic, such as butterfly, goldfish, plum, chicken heart, etc. According to the characteristics of materials can be divided into four categories: synthetic material buttons, natural material buttons, combined buttons and metal buttons.

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