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Introduction to Metal Button


Metal button modelling design is different from such as sculpture, sculpture, painting and other pure art design, it contains the form, pattern, color, material, practical, durable, large-scale industrial production can be productive and process. The shape of metal buttons in terms of form, composed of two parts :(1) geometric shape and three-dimensional shape; (2) local modeling. Due to productivity, technology, safety and other factors. The shape of the common shape is round, hexagonal, not equilateral shape, equilateral shape, three-dimensional modeling is common with spherical, hemispherical, float and other three-dimensional modeling. Local modelling is common it is to undertake modelling to individual and whole local detail on the basis of appearance modelling, if add Arabic number, English alphabet, plane to form design, animal, portrait, flowers, registered trademark and decorative pattern. A good metal button has two major conditions :(1) practical, beautiful; (2) Direction compatible with clothing. Practicability, beautiful sex is generally easy to understand, is mainly clothing compatibility of directional said metal buttons and service for which kind of clothing, is a suit, or fashion, shirt, children's clothes, jeans, leather apparel, underwear, shoes and hats, leisure, and so on, should consider their commonness, and take into account the particularity of them.

 Metal Button
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