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How to do if the zipper is not smooth?


Sometimes zippers get stuck. Besides not being smooth enough, another possibility is that there is something next to the zipper that prevents it from pulling. For example, the hair, the thread is often there, and then there are some hair ornaments on the clothes. Therefore, if the zipper is suddenly stuck, it is necessary to build threads and ornaments that affect the zipper after buying the clothes. Shake the clothes before wearing, and shake the hair off, so as not to affect the use.
Although the zipper is not a delicate operation, it is still necessary to pay attention to the place first, and then to pull. Don't force too much because you are in a hurry to go out. Now many zippers seem to be relatively strong, but if they are forced too much, they are easy to break or even split. If they are simply stuck, they can be restored to use with a little maintenance.
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